The Gospel of Mark with your Church Photo
Equip your church to publish the Good News!


       The Gospel of Mark is now available at extremely inexpensive prices (40¢ per copy). A chapter preview of the gospel is available for review here. We will print your church photograph in full color on the cover at no additional fee. Your gospels will also have your church information and/or the plan of salvation imprinted on the back cover — again, at no extra cost.
       Now your members can pass out information about your church and at the same time, be publishing the easy-to-understand Good News of Mark’s gospel! Give your people as many copies as they can pass out to friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers. Order enough to hand out to visitors and at community events.
       A sample copy is available by
request. Request the King James or Modern American version.
Send us your copy (sample) and a high-resolution photograph of your church and we will produce a proof for you at no charge to you or your church. Why would we do this? Because we think that seeing what your gospel booklets will look like will get you excited about ordering them and passing them out in your community.

Mimimum order: 500
$200 + S&H