New Hymns for the Lectionary
2nd Sunday after Epiphany Year A - Gospel

The Lamb’s Embrace
TEXT: Mark Ryman (2005) based on John 1:29-42
Aberystwyth (Parry),” Joseph Parry (1879).

“Behold the Lamb of this world, who removes all of its sin,”
said the Lord’s loyal herald, so we would see Jesus when
We might look to John as Truth. (Jesus came so long before
Any mother of this earth had her life to bear one more.)

John knew his life came from God, maker of all things that are.
The creator was the Word, living with God at the start.
That Word was Himself divine, dwelling before creation.
All things that have found design owe it to God's oration.

John baptized in earth’s wet flow; Christ christens with heaven’s fire.
One plunged sinners deep below; Jesus takes us higher and higher.
John got us to turn and see the Father’s anointed One.
See the Spirit rest so free on the foretold Belov’d Son!

Would you turn and follow Him to the end of all your days,
Making life a living hymn—every breath a note of praise?
If you will, then you will know that He has prepared a place
Where one day we all will go to live in the Lamb’s embrace.

© 2004, Mark E. Ryman

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