New Hymns for the Lectionary
Good Friday of Lent Year A - Gospel

Lift High the Cross
TEXT: Mark Ryman (2005) based on John 18:1-19:42
REFRAIN: by George William Kitchen (1827-1912)

Crucifer,” by Sydney H. Nicholson (1916).

Refrain: Lift high the cross,
the love of Christ proclaim
’til all the world adore
His sacred Name.

Why do you insist that I knew the Man?
I have forgotten how this night began!

Refrain then...
Is this a King the people bring to me?
Is He the Truth that I send to the tree?

Refrain then...
Here is a robe, Your Highness, and a crown.
Watch when we lift you, if you can come down!

Refrain then...
Take these spices, for now I see Your reign;.
Lord, I am ready to be born again.

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