New Hymns for the Lectionary
5th Sunday of Lent Year A - Gospel

Trust in His Eternal Care
TEXT: Mark Ryman (2005) based on John 11:1-45
Regent Square,” by Henry T. Smart (1867)

Had you been here, he would not be
Dead and lying in his grave.
I believed you and told others;
Now he’s lying in a cave.
Lord, revive him; resurrect him.
Speak Lord, now, for You can save.

People crying all around me;
Some will not even come near.
I conjecture at their wonder.
Now I too begin to fear.
Jesus wept for His friend Laz’rus;
Does He weep over my bier?

Lying here, all bound and lifeless
In this dark I still stumble.
No! No! I am only sleeping
Without a toss or tumble.
Quietly I lay here resting
Shrouded in this tear-stained pall .

Then I heard a voice above me
Sounding like a trumpet’s blare:
Come forth, brother, God is waiting;
Come and see Him, if you dare.
No more sleeping! No more weeping!
Trust in His eternal care.

© 2004, Mark E. Ryman

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