New Hymns for the Lectionary
Proper 2A - Gospel

Heaven Comes Near for All Today
TEXT: Mark Ryman (2004) based on Matthew 3:1-12.
Duke Street," by John Hatton (1793).

Long ago in another way,
Isaiah preached salvation.
Heaven comes near for all today
Who turn to Christ’s liberation.

A wild man came crying, “Repent.”
He called his home the wilderness.
Prepare the way of Him God sent.
Make straight the path of all ages.

People came out to wash away
The filth of their acknowledged sins.
He is nearer than you can say
Who will cleanse of all transgressions.

Produce the fruits of repentance;
Religion cannot bear you up.
God will pass down His high sentence
In keeping with a faithless crop.

John’s baptism was of water;
Christ christens with Spirit and fire.
He is the way to His Father;
For those souls who truly aspire.

© 2004, Mark E. Ryman

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