New Hymns for the Lectionary
Proper 3A - Gospel

We Sing of Christ Our King
TEXT: Mark Ryman (2004) based on Matthew 11:2-11.
Dennis," by Hans Nägeli (1773-1836).

The blind receive their sight.
The lame can walk again.
The lepers lose their awful blight.
The deaf can hear this strain.

We sing of Christ our King
who raises up the dead.
Oh Death, where is your fearsome sting?
His subjects have no dread.

Our King still loves the poor;
He is their own good news.
His word is not some news of yore;
It’s yours if you so choose.

Do not be appalled by Him;
He is life’s greatest find.
When you grasp Christ in life so dim,
You too will not be blind.

You need not go astray.
Repent and you will see
The Baptist paved the only way
For you to be set free.

The King of kings descends
To fill your heart just now.
He is the start of all your ends
So bend your knee and bow.

© 2004, Mark E. Ryman

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