New Hymns for the Lectionary
Proper 19C - Gospel

TEXT: Mark Ryman (2004) based on Luke 15:1-10.
TUNE: "Salzburg" by Jacob Hintze (1678).

All of the people had to hear
the great words of Christ so dear.
Tax man and the Pharisee,
scribes and sinners all agree;
these are words that all should know.
But on some folks he bestowed
welcome words to the humble,
causing clerics to grumble.

Answ’ring them in parable
he taught all were fair and full
of that promise once proffered–
once again freely offered.
Abram's kin are all welcome
in the foretold, heav’nly home.
So if you have gone astray,
you don’t have to stay away.

The Good Shepherd looks for you;
each lost sheep he must pursue.
When a “sheep” or “coin” is lost
he will search despite the cost.
Though the price seemed high indeed,
the price was paid; Christ did bleed.
Now he owns you–worn or chic;
Stop this game of hide-n-seek.

The Lesson - Luke 15:1-10

       Every person is worth much to God. He paid the highest price for every man, woman, and child. Indeed, he paid this same great cost for you. A thousand dollars? A million or a billion dollars? No. Far more than that was paid for your precious soul. God gave his own life in payment so that you would not have to suffer eternal death.
      But some people will have none of it. They run from the object of their heart’s desire. Happiness will always elude them until they turn to the love of their lives. Augustine
said that we would always be restless until we rest in God. Are you running or hiding from love? Stop running. Rest in God's love.

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