New Hymns for the Lectionary
Proper 22C - Gospel

Love Is All
TEXT: Mark Ryman (2004) based on Luke 17:5-10.
Beecher" by John Zundel (1870).

Love is all that fills and moves us
Through these lives we hold so dear.
It is love that moves faith and thus
We can love God without fear
Of what may or may not happen
If we do the things he wills.
For this faith in Christ will sharpen
dullest faith ‘til it moves hills.

Hills and trees and all of nature
Are no match for those of faith.
God will make unsteady faith sure,
Standing firm even in death.
Lord, increase our faith forever
So that we might stand with you
When we cross that final river
—when your glory comes in view.

‘Til that day which ends all others,
we will stand in faith made true;
fighting the good fight with brothers…
faith has changed a fairer hue.
Our true colors flushed with beauty
Give God back creation’s aim.
So let’s stand and do our duty
In firm faith in Jesus’ Name.

The Lesson - Luke 17:5-10

       When the disciples asked Jesus to increase their faith, he responded that even a little faith can do something — even something as small or seemingly insignificant as sending a tree into the ocean. It is in the doing of one small, insignificant act of faith that faith is increased. Jesus will not wave his hand and increase your faith like some act of magic. Do the small thing God has put before you and you will then do greater and greater things in time. Eventually we find ourselves performing significant acts of faith that have more profound impact than a simple mulberry tree splashing into the sea.

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