New Hymns for the Lectionary
Proper 26C - Gospel, Reformation Sunday

Climb Down from Your Tree
TEXT: Mark Ryman (2004) based on Luke 19:1-10.
Ein Feste Burg” by Martin Luther (1529).

When in our lives God passes through,
One must answer his calling.
Respond and be not overdue
For one day you’ll come crawling.
This is the day for you.
You can be born anew.
Don’t turn your back on him.
A second chance is slim.
The gospel demands action.

No matter where you hear his voice—
Up in a tree or a pew.
You have the chance, so make your choice
While God is still in your view.
You may not notice Him
If you’re a short pilgrim.
Christ passes in the crowd;
Soon they will Him enshroud
So climb down from your station.

It takes faith in the Lord above;
He requires no greater work.
But if you can sense God’s great love
You will climb high from faith’s perk.
When he knocks at your door
Do not wait anymore.
Just climb down from your tree
And bend a humble knee.
Then follow Him forever.

The Lesson - Luke 19:1-10

When the Lord comes a’knockin’, will you answer the door? (Rev 3:20) When He wishes you to come down (for it is He who must ascend the tree!) from your station, will you? Despite the hardship of giving up riches as the tax collector in this lesson did... or giving up the admiration and comfort of one’s church, as Martin Luther did, we must respond to God’s call on our individual lives. Have you? Will you?

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