New Hymns for the Lectionary
1st Sunday after Christmas Year A - Gospel

When Jesus Had Been Born a King
TEXT: Mark Ryman (2004) based on Matthew 2:13-23.
Faith Is the Victory," by Ira D. Sankey (1891).

When Jesus had been born a King,
King Herod sent the call
To kill the very child who’d bring
Salvation to us all.
An angel of the Lord came down
To warn the family
To take this child who wore God’s crown
And to far Egypt flee.

Refrain: God overcame the world! God overcomes the world!
We overcome through the God who overcame the world!

He took the mother and her child
And fled into the night.
They fled by God’s good mercy mild
King Herod’s wicked blight.
The prophets’ words would now come true:
From Egypt he’d appear.
And once more, Friends, before we’re through:
A Nazarene we’ll cheer.

His start in life was fraught with strife—
King Herod sought the boy.
The evil king would take his life
And all young hopes destroy.
All of the children under two
He ordered killed that day
He would not rest until he threw
The world into dismay.

Our worlds are also often thrown
Into a state of fear.
We do not rest until we’ve flown
Into some Goshen near.
But we don’t overcome by flight
To any other land;
There is no other place so bright
As God’s mighty right hand.

© 2004, Mark E. Ryman

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