New Hymns for the Lectionary
2nd Sunday after Christmas Year A - Gospel

At the Start There Was the Logos
TEXT: Mark Ryman (2004) based on John 1:(1-9), 10-18.
Erie," by Charles D. Converse (1868).

At the start there was the Logos and our God was with that Word;
And the Logos then was living, for God was also the Word.
All things were created through him; without him nothing occurred.
In this Word of God was the life—the light of all men on earth.

O the light shines in the darkness that will never overcome
The true light that God has sent us in the person of His Son.
God sent John to bear true witness of the light that won't succumb
To the evil gloom and shadow of the dark and wicked one.

John came only bearing witness; he was not the Living Light.
Living Light came into our world, shining ever true and bright.
He was in this world made by him though the world gave him a slight.
He came unto his own people who refused to be contrite.

Some of them received him still and gave to him their darkened hearts.
To these bright, enlightened children, God, His fam'ly name imparts.
Those who believe that the Light came, now for them a new life starts.
They are now born of the Spirit; Light now always darkness thwarts.

© 2004, Mark E. Ryman

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